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Brothers Calabretta

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Brothers Calabretta

In Acireale, on the slopes of Etna, on the Ionian coast known as the lemon riviera, the Calabretta Brothers’ citrus business was born from a family with ancient traditions in the world of citrus fruits.

The progenitor Giuseppe Calabretta was Angelo, already from the beginning of the twentieth century he was conducting a marketing activity of fresh products with the export of lemons to various European countries.

It was his son Antonino with farsightedness and extensive experience in the world of commerce who undertook the activity of citrus derivatives.
At first, with very modest facilities and equipment, he started the production of essential oil and calcium citrate from lemon. Later in 1957 he decided, with the help of his children, to invest in the construction of an industrial plant.

Over the years, thanks to the results obtained and the managerial capacity of the owners, the Fratelli Calabretta company has expanded the range of processed products, acquired new machinery and built one of the first juice freezing plants.