Fratelli Calabretta

Citrus Industry

Fratelli Calabretta

Although the Firm Fratelli Calabretta, is a family run business, it owns a covered factory area of 5000 square metres equipped with modern machinery and employs 25 people giving a processing ability of about 300 tons of fresh fruit per day.

The key to the quality of our products lies in the careful selection of the citrus fruit, their simultaneous processing and the rapid cooling of the squeezed juice. This ensures that the juice keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit unaltered. The quality of the products (pulp, juice, essential oil and peel) is guaranteed throughout the entire production by an effective tracking system and by an accurate chemical–physical control carried out in our on-site laboratory.

In recent years, the company achieved the ISO 9000, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and KOSHER certifications. It has also paid particular attention to the environment and the water and energy-saving by building a photovoltaic plant and optimizing its manufacturing processes. Finally, it has always respected the ethical principles by improving its customers and employee satisfaction.

The excellent results obtained thanks to the quality of its production, allowed to Fratelli Calabretta to assert itselves as one of the leading seed companies, to expand its business – both in Italy and abroad – and proceed its local activity.